The Folly of the Orbs

Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Thu Jan 28 20:11:58 EST 1999

At 11:11 AM 1/28/99 -0600, David Stinson wrote:
>Despite the snortings of all the scoffers and
>techno-elitists, you cannot exchange a proven system
>with five failure modes
>for a system with a hundred failure modes
>and expect anything but frustration, followed by
>eventual and inevitable disaster.
>Alas, no reasoned argument will deflect the fools from their folly.
>Their college professors told them that all problems,
>no matter how simple, require maximully-complex solutions
>using the latest technology.  These worshipers of technological
>advance adhere to their "religion" more fervently then
>any fanatic who ever bowed before a diety.
>You cannot talk reason to a religious zealot.

THERE: now, what I took out of context from what Dave wrote clearly
expresses my own feelings concerning W95/98 and most of Microshaft's
"modern" software.

73, Steve Ko0U/1


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