Dennis Brady dbrady at US.IBM.COM
Thu Jul 8 12:03:49 EDT 1999

I have always had excellent response from MFJ on repair and
warranty issues. Really bad repair service is like when I sent a filter
back to Industrial Communication Engineers, LTD. ( "I.C.E." of
Indianapolis, IN.). It was 'new defective' and they admitted they
were having lots of trouble with the model I had purchased ( 40M
200W bandpass). I sent it to them and not only did they never
fix it, they never returned my unit to me and they never returned
my purchase money. I talked to them for 18 months via telephone
and letter. They were always courteous. I finally gave up and just
put them on my Eternal S--t List. It was only a $40 unit and they
obviously don't give a damn about their smaller customers.

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