GRC-129 accys found, manuals needed

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Thu Jul 8 22:46:00 EDT 1999

Well, after totally giving up, a set of convertors for the GRC-129 radio
set landed in my lap. ( Ouch ) These are a set of synthesisers, that
when used in conjuction with a pair of modified R-390A 's
( R-1274/GRC-129 ) make a synthesized radio set. These synth units
interfaced with the R1274 via connectors on the back which were in
turn attached to adaptors that plugged into each osc tube's socket.
Interesting setup actually, though one still has to tune the R-390A to
the freq in use. Also on its way is the matching synthesiser/exciter
for the T-368. ( some day I will find a T-368, or rather will find one at the
same time I have money to buy it.  ) These units were made by
the oft-thought-of-as-mysterious Manson Labs.

The three I need manuals for are as follows -

O-1203/GRC-129 -- this is the KC osc unit
CV-1693/GRC-129 -- this unit selcts MC
CV-1694/GRC-129 -- this is the IF SSB demod ( loops audio back to the
rx..... )

A manual for the TX exciter was available.

Thanks for any help, suggestions, or brickbats.



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