Military Radio Disinformation Alert #1

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Jul 10 13:15:29 EDT 1999

Military Radio Disinformation Alert #1

More and more myth and misinformation about
historic military radios are being posted to the web.
As an assistance to newcomers, I will post these
alerts as the errors are identified.

While Navis Magazine's online B-29 tour is well presented
and very interesting, the Radio Operator page is
erroneous.  The SCR-274N HF Command Set is not mentioned at all
and is misidentified as antenna controls.  The ARN-7
compass control box is labeled as an electrical panel.
The flight suit thermal heater control is labeled as a part
of a gun turret.  The ART-13 transmitter and the dynamotor
shelf below it are labeled as the Navigator's position.
A description of correct radio complement of the B-29
from early WW-II to Korea plus corrected graphics
were emailed to the webmaster.  No corrective action
has been taken and Navis Magazine
did not send a courtesy reply of any kind.
The correct information and corrected graphic- which
is a U.S. Air Force photograph from about 1950 and
thus in the public domain- are available on request.


If you, as a fellow military radio enthusiast,
are aware of a site containing incorrect information,
please forward the URL and correct information to me.
After peer review, we will contact the site's webmaster
and ask that the page(s) be corrected.  If no action
is taken in a reasonable time, we will post the
URL and information in one of these alerts.

73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S
arc5 at

Does anyone remember the infamous URL of the
company that was claiming it invented airborne VHF
with the ARC-1?  Can't find it here.

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