[R-390] Problems getting to boatanchor manual FTP site?

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sun Jul 11 10:38:26 EDT 1999

Hi Robb and rest of esteemed gang!

We have not been allowed to anonymously get back onto bama's FTP site after
that cracker got in and messed up the server.

What's the status?  Will bama's administrators allow annon. logins again?
How about something like using "R390" or boatanchor or some such?

Indeed it was an important resource for many of us. Any alternate sites?

Regards,  Chris
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Upon the date 04:55 AM 6/22/99 -0700, Rob Dunn said something like:
>Hi All,
>Anybody else having trouble connecting to Ken Grimm's boatanchor manual web
>site (ftp://bama.sbc.edu/)?  It is refusing anonymous login's which it
>always was happy with in the past and none of the web site links I can find
>use anything other than an anonymous login.  This is a staple website for
>me. It provides me documentation for receivers I am working on and more
>importantly fuel for my dreams as I look throught the manuals of radiosI
>lust after.
>Submissions r-390 at qth.net

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