[R-390] Problems getting to boatanchor manual FTP site?

Rob Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jul 11 11:34:35 EDT 1999


Ken Grimm (BAMA administrator) put out the following message Friday:

"Yes, BAMA is still down.  The web has been recovered, but the ftp
 material is not yet available.  I'll announce it here on "boatanchors"
when the the site is back up.  I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
Ken K4XL"

So we will have to wait.  I don't know of an alternative site, Ken was a
single individual running the BAMA site on our behalf.  There are good sites
for specific types of boatanchors and test equipment that you can find with
creative web searches.  I have found that www.altavista.com and
www.nelsearch.com yield the most thourough results for me (don't burn me if
you have a better search site, just let me know so I can use it too).  Only
other thing we can do is share what we may have downloaded from the BAMA
site via requests on the mail lists.  I know I downloaded some of the
HQ-180, R-390A, and CV-561A manauls for example and could forward them to
others if they need them.

I too miss the BAMA site and have wanted stuff I know is there several times
in the past month.   Guess we can all appreciate Ken's work all the more as
a result of its absence.  Thanks Ken!


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Subject: Re: [R-390] Problems getting to boatanchor manual FTP site?

> Hi Robb and rest of esteemed gang!
> We have not been allowed to anonymously get back onto bama's FTP site
> that cracker got in and messed up the server.
> What's the status?  Will bama's administrators allow annon. logins again?
> How about something like using "R390" or boatanchor or some such?
> Indeed it was an important resource for many of us. Any alternate sites?
> Regards,  Chris
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