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Ray Robinson robinson at SRSUNA.SHLRC.MQ.EDU.AU
Sun Jul 11 21:28:25 EDT 1999

Hi There,

I have used an incandescent light bulb, in a large cardboard box,
and adjusted the top flaps to control the temperature,
when drying radios.
(I also used to hatch duck eggs this way!)
You can go a little more high tech and use a temperature
controller to stabilise the temperature.

I have also used the domestic oven to dry paint,
especialy on wet days, or when I wanted a hard finish,
or when I wanted black crackel paint to cure properly.

Once I woke up at 3AM to the familiar smell of hot pitch!
As I lay in bed wondering what it was, I suddendly remembered.
I ran to the oven to find that I had forgotten about a front panel
I was baking the previous day. The transfomers and chokes were
leaking their pitch, and the wax capacitors had lost the lot.
The oven was a mess, the house stank.

Ray vk2ilv

PS a BC348 will fit in the domestic oven.

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