How to differentiate CE 100V and 200V

Sat Jul 17 22:00:32 EDT 1999

The photo of the chassis for the 200V shows that these three
>tube sockets are no longer on the chassis and that the filter
cans now
>occupy that space.  The second point is that the brochure for
the 200V says
>the mixer tubes are now 6EH7-6EJ7 types.  The mixer tubes in the
>unidentified transmitter are 12BY7A and 6BQ5 (also those numbers
are stamped
>on the chassis).  The serial number of this unit is: E-970.
>Can anyone help identify this transmitter beyond a reasonable
>Thanks for your assistance.
>Floyd Sense in Angier, NC
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I had one of these!  They can be very nice when they are working,
and a pain when they get troublesome!  It was too heavy for me to
handle anymore, so I sold it!

You have a "later" 100V.  The 200V has the 6EJ7/6EH7's.  They did
use solid
state diodes in the later versions.  Less heat, less voltage

Also they dropped some of the "modes" on the 200V as I recall.
Either rig is a nice
transmitter if you can keep it going and wrestle the weight!
They produce some VERY
nice sounding AM 'phone too!  Beware the "newbies" might tell you
that you are "wide".  The phasing system audio quality is much
better than just about any
filter rig going when adjusted properly.

Sandy W5TVW

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