Differentiating CE 100V and 200V

Floyd Sense sentek at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Sat Jul 17 23:11:27 EDT 1999

Many thanks to all who responded to my question regarding how to tell the
100V from the 200V.   It would appear that I've been the victim of a scam
whereby I purchased a 100V that was represented as a 200V.  The emblem on
the right hand front panel door that covers the chain drive identifies the
unit as a 200V.  However, ALL other characteristics pointed out by group
members unmistakeably identify the unit as a 100V.  This transmitter was
purchased via eBay from a supposedly reputable ham in the southern Wisconsin
area.  I will gladly identify the person to all as soon as I hear what he
has to say.  Until then, beware when buying boatanchor gear from that area
of the country.

I suppose it is possible that somehow late model 100Vs were shipped with
200V labels on the doors.  Somehow, I think that's very unlikely.  Can
anyone shed light on that?

Floyd Sense in Angier, NC

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