CE 100V question

Floyd Sense sentek at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 21 09:26:31 EDT 1999

In the 100V I'm currently restoring, the rectifier tubes have been replaced
with commercial potted diodes.  I may want to replace those with tubes, but
have some questions in that area.

1.  I can see from differences in chassis color that there was once some
sort of partition between the tubes and the filter cap cans.  Also, a photo
from the 100V marketing brochure at www.tusaconsulting.com shows a partition
that appears as if it might have been a double-wall partition, with maybe
1/4" spacing between the walls.  I assume this was a heat shield to protect
the caps from radiated tube heat.  Can someone describe this partition in
detail for me?

2.  The two 6AU4 rectifier sockets are elevated above the chassis in this
100V on spacers. Is that the way they were mounted in the stock transmitter?

3.  The rectifier replacements are all three obviously of commercial origin
and are potted.  Other electronic problems currently prevent me from
applying full power and measuring the B+ voltages coming out of the
supplies.   I'm concerned about the DC voltage being too high coming out of
these supplies.   Is it possible that these rectifier replacements were
obtained from Central Electronics and therefore have the appropriate
dropping resistor incorporated?  Not likely I suppose, due to the heat that
would build up in the potted package, but worth asking.  Is anyone else
using such rectifier replacements with no ill effects?

Thanks for your help.

Floyd Sense in Angier, NC

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