Stuff for sale and giveaway

Cookie Monster stumpie at GTE.NET
Wed Jul 21 14:36:15 EDT 1999

Hi gang,

I'm cleaning out the attic in an old house I own.  The following items
are for sale at the price mentioned or best offer.  This is for local
pick up in the San Francisco area.  I don't want to be bothered shipping
it, the shipping costs are more that this stuff is worth.

1. BC779-B receiver.  Hammarlund.  Condition Fair. Sorta Complete.
Definitely needs a cabinet and probably needs a power supply.   I don't
know if it works or not, so I'm selling it as a non working unit.  I'd
like $60 for it.

2. Panoramic Panalyzor SB-8A Type T-1000.  This is a big heavy monster
with a 5" scope tube.  It's complete, but needs a power supply.  It has
a center frequency of 5 MHz.  I'd like $40 for it.

3. GE Mastr strips.  3 strips.  for parts.  Free

4. Assorted Motorola A and G strips.  Mostly High-Band. You guys on FM
from the '50s will recognize this stuff.  Free.

The last 2 items will have the tubes pulled and put in the garbage on
Tuesday if there are no takers.



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