Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Tue Jun 1 20:57:30 EDT 1999

I got the SPAM that is attached below:

My contribution is -- Mr. Commie Soviet SPAMmer, will not subject you to
the full wrath of internet enforcement available to me from NANAE and other
resources.  I have deleted your stupid email, and I urge you to seek useful
employment in an agricultural endeavor such as manure gathering or harvesting
DNA specimens from breeding hogs.

If others on the Boatanchors reflector have received copies of this or
other similar scams, your best action is to ignore and delete them.
Although I have chosen to reply to this misguided SPAMmer, I urge that
you do not.  Your email address will be harvested and resold, and you will reap
at least a hundred trash emails for every reply you make to this
or any other SPAMmer.  I am prepared to persecute those unfortunate
enough to SPAM me, and I have a kill list that now weighs more than
my entire boatanchor collection ever did.

Netizens -- while I did not burden you with the header from this SPAM,
rest assured that it had forged information and came from a hijacked email
server.  In America, we call this "theft of services."  In the EU, my
of this email would constitute an actionable crime of invasion of privacy
on the part of the sender.

Until we have a better solution to unsolicited bulk email such as this one
(for my part, I think SPAMmers should be lined up against a wall and
suumarily executed by gunfire), we should ignore and delete all such mail,
and if they
have forged or hijacked from a major US-located service provider, complain to
that provider alone.  Complaining to the SPAMmer only begets more SPAM.

If you need more information on combatting unsolicited email, drop me a line
(don't reply to the list) at the valid reply-to on this note, and I will
point you to some useful resources.  If more than a handful of list
users reply, I may provide this information to the list.  While it's
off-topic (as THIS letter is off-topic) it's still useful information
that may serve to improve our collective experiences on the  net.

73 and Kill a SPAMmer for Christ.


>Dear Colleagues,
>As you know, now Russia has a deep financial and economic crisis. We
>already some months are do not receiving the salary and our parents -
>pensioners and the invalids - also are do not receiving pensions. That is
>why our children are constantly hungry and sick from cold and exhaustion.
>Therefore, we due to a service opportunity of access in the Internet and
>hopeless and desperate situation have decided apply to you with request to
>help us. Please let us know if you have a possibility to help us and we
>will inform you more detailes.
>We very hope on any your help, are sending you our warmest wishes and
>looking forward to your reply.
>The GOD will note your true mercy.
>Your Russian Friends,
>DX Association.

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