electronic versions of mil. tube tester manuals...

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Mon Jun 7 03:30:11 EDT 1999

I've been spending the last six months or of my limited free time
working on an electronic version (in MS Excel 97) of the I-177 series
military tube tester settings manuals like I did with the TV-2 series
supplement book. It's nearing completion and I can see the light at
the end of the tunnel. None of these manuals scanned worth a damn, even
on my HP flatbed, so I've had to enter all of the data manually. Lots
of squinting and typing, bubba! :-)

The TV-2 series roll chart supplement book was the 72 page
TB 11-6625-316-12/1 that was originally released in June of 1966.
There's a lot of data in it that's not one the original roll charts,
especially the ones with the the TV-2, TV-2A, and TV-2B models. As
far as I can tell, it was the last data supplement for the TV-2
series of tube testers. If you have one that's later, give me a holler.

The electonic version of the TV-2 series supplement book in (MS Excel)
has been available for about a year for download from my primary
website at: http://www.acadiacom.net/nlee/tv-2_index.html
and my mirror site at: http://home.gs.verio.net/~nlee/tv-2_index.html

At any rate, with a bit of luck, the I-177 series data will be ready
for beta in another three weeks or so. I'll be needing volunteers
to play with it and look for glitches and to check for errors in the
actual data itself before I make it available for download. If you're
interested in doing this, drop me a reply with the subject intact and
I'll forward it to you when it's done.

The primary data is from the 68 page TB 11-2627-2 dated the 16th of
October of 1952 and the various changes to it including what I believe
to be the last I-177 series supplement that the Govt. produced, Change
5 dated the 19th of March of 1957. If you have something later than
this, give me a holler so that I can include it.

Since the military was using the MX-949 series of adapter boxes with
the I-177 series pretty heavy from the early 1950's onward, the later
manuals only list test settings for some tubes specifically for use
with the MX-949 series. I've went back thru my 1944 thru 1949 I-177
series manuals and supplements and have gotten the data for a lot of
these tubes that predates the MX-949's and allows the testing of those
tubes without the adapter. Where available, I've included the settings
with use of the adapter and without.

I'm looking for a CLEAR, REAL CLEAR photocopy of a roll chart from
a TV-2C. I'd like to do an electronic version of it. I'm also still
in the information gathering stages for the TV-7 series manuals. On
my website on the TV-7 page is a lit of what I have. I'm looking for
supplements and data that I don't have.


If an infinite number of rednecks riding in an infinite number
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