Safe Cleaning of HX-50 Transmitter Front Panal-How to??

Ron kc4yoy at TRELLIS.NET
Sat Jun 12 15:38:43 EDT 1999

Hi Bill,

I've done many sets that were very dirty and have found that Goop
or GoJo hand cleaner works the best of all. It will cut the greasy buildup
right off. Use it with a rag and or tooth brush for getting into the
I've used it on wood cabinets and metal both and it will not harm any
surface. If it's really dirty you can use 0000 steel wool, just don't bear
and mar the paint.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.



> I am asking the BA community for recommendations of the safe cleaning of
> the normal build-up "crud" on the front panel of the Hammarlund HX-50
> transmitter.  I want to remove the normal accumulation of dirt/etc
> "crud" but not destroy/impair the white dial markings.  Would also like
> to hear what chemicals to avoid at all costs.  Also, need a source of
> the matching dark gray Hammarlund cabinet spray paint.  Tnks and 73s to
> all.  Bill/KC4ZZ

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