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wachunga wachunga at XOOMMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 13 12:54:21 EDT 1999

hello, these items are for sale. see them at:

 1.  heath hm-102 hf wattmeter in very good condition and
     works very well. front panel looks flaw free. case
     top has some minor wear. matches sb line. nice $40

 4.  heath it-21 tube tester in good condition and works
     good. has built in chart. checks sweeps and nuvisters.
     fully functional. some minor dust and muck $45

 5.  heath hm-10a tunnel dipper in very good shape and works
     good. solid state version of grid dipper. with all the
     coils. includes manual copy. very nice $40

 7.  heath ig-102 signal generator in good condition and
     working. some muck and dust on top from sitting in
     garage. cover approx 330kc to 110mc or 220 w/harmonics
     includes manual copy. 2 tube design $25

 8.  sears roadtalker 40 ssb transceiver that has been
     converted to ten meters. in very good condition and
     works very well. includes ac to 12v base supply (rare).
     unit covers 28.1-28.53 or 28.48-29.05 mhz. with mic.
     good for novice ssb or 29 mhz am ! with sams copy $45

 9.  mercury 1100a compact tube tester in very good shape
     and works very well. inludes all docs and updates to
     1976. test sweeps and nuvistors. some very minor muck
     and dust. closes into nice case. nice $45

10.  heath hm15 swr meter in good condition and works fine
     under some muck. added control on front panel $10

11.  heath code practice oscillator in good condition. works
     very well. solid state using 9 volt battery. $15

12.  heath in-11 decade resistance sub box in good condition
     under some minor muck. nice front panel. $35

13.  autek research active audio filter. built in ac supply.
     nice shape. works good. some minor muck and dust $20

14.  johnson viking phone patch in very good condition
     has original docs. $20

15.  nye viking phone patch in very good condition with
     partial docs copy. $20

16.  gonset communicator IV two meter am transceiver in very
     good shape. front panel is very nice and clean. front
     trim ring has a few minor chips. case and chassis are
     clean. receiver works however the dial cord needs to be
     restrung. tx is untested. NOW includes manual copy $65

plus shipping. offers ?? thanks 73 tom

see them at:

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