Removing labels

Peter G. Wittenberg k2lrc at EROLS.COM
Sun Jun 13 12:30:19 EDT 1999

Fred e holnagel wrote:
> Just watched handy houshold hints on TV.  A product called, "Goo-Gone"
> was being shown to remove hard stuck labels on metal or plastic surfaces.
>  Didn't seem to harm surface but could try a little in a non visable
> place.   My ham instincts caught on to possibilities here! Fred W7PRV
Fred, you are right on!  I have used Goo-gone for years on electronic
gear.  It is great for any label/glue problem.  I had all sorts of
Military gear with these stickers on it ...and some of them 40years
old.  Goo-gone took it off.  You have to be patient with it.  New labels
come off very easily.  Older ones you have to work the stuff into the
label and then it comes off slowly without any damage to any of the
metals or paints that I have seen.

-73- Peter K2LRC

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