FS: A few BA rigs etc.

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jun 15 12:42:28 EDT 1999

Rigs etc. for sale.

Add shipping to all prices

Kenwood TS-900 HF transceiver with external speaker, PS-900 etc.
80 through 10 meters SSB and CW. Needs 8-way cable, which is easily made
from Jones connectors, included.  Interior clean and unmodified. Will sell
as-is for $185.00

Heathkit DX-35. Excellent condition. Front panel looks virtually mint. a
few small paint chips off the top. Missing small access door off the back.
Has very tidy modification for SO-239 output to receiver on rear apron,
and internal PTT mod. Will sell for $75.00

Hallicrafters HT-40 Transmitter. Very Excellent condition with W7FG Manual
and schematic $95.00

Drake R-4B Receiver in Excellent working condition. Extra crystals for the
following ranges: 3.0 MHz,  4.5 MHz,  WWV,  29.0 MHz,  29.5 MHz. Has
variable i.f. passband tuning, and switched filter selectivity for 400 Hz,
1.2 kHz, 2.4 kHz, 4.8 kHz. Dial is slightly discolored. Otherwise, in near
mint condition, with no scratches or marks on face panel or cabinet. Will
sell for $185.00

Emud German table radio circa 1962 with piano keys. AM, FM, Shortwave and
magic eye tuning indicator. Great hi-fi tone. Many features. Blond wood
finish. Best example of this radio seen anywhere. Very excellent
condition. Will sell for $75.00

Homebrew VFO / exciter, with shock-mounted VFO. Has 115V AC power supply
Well built, with vernier dial. Two of the four tubes missing. No data

Isolation transformers:
(Unless otherwise noted, enclosed and with AC outlet and input cable)
(with AC plug attached.)
120V   3 Watts       -    $ 3.00  (flying leads, open frame style)
120V  50 Watts       -    $25.00
120V 150 Watts       -    $35.00
120V 250 Watts       -    $45.00
120V 500 Watts       -    $65.00
120V 200 Watts       -    $19.00  (flying leads, open frame style)
Qty 2 left

Plate Transformers:
All 120V AC primary
660V AC at 85 mA, and 6.3V CT 3A     $15.00  each
660V AC at 50 mA, and 6.3V 1.5A      $14.00  each

POWERSTAT 20 Amp VARIAC by Superior Electric 115V AC 2 KVA -
Bench Mount in excellent condition. Type 1126. Shipping  26# - needs knob.
Will sell for $65.00

STACO Panel Mount  (used)         0-140V AC at 20 Amps  $160.00

SUPERIOR Panel Mt. (used)         0-120V AC at 20 Amps  $135.00

SUPERIOR Bench Mount (Used)       0-120V AC at 15 Amps  $140.00

POWESTAT Panel Mount (Used)       0-280V AC at  9 Amps  $135.00

NO-NAME Panel Mount (used/open frame) 0-120V AC at 3A    $40.00

SUPERIOR (NEW / Panel Mount) 0-140/280V for 120V AC IN
                 or 0-240 for 220V AC in. At 3.5 Amps    $70.00

SUPERIOR (NEW / Bench Mount) 0-140/280V for 120V AC IN
                or 0-240 for 220V AC in. At 3.5 Amps    $125.00

KRM (NEW/Bench Mount, in beautiful case with meter and switch)
                                0-120V AC at 18 Amps    $245.00

STACO J401 Panel Mount (USED) Isolated 0-140V AC at 4 Amps -
                            This is a heavier Variac.    $75.00

Some larger single-phase and 3-phase Variacs also available.

I will sell each to the first person who says that they will definately
take it.  Add shipping to all prices.

Reply by e-mail directly to me - not to the list.

Brian Carling, AF4K

Check my list of items for sale! Updated frequently:

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