Jerry Seligman w7bun at WA.NET
Wed Jun 16 03:42:14 EDT 1999

A trick I learned in the late 1940's when servicing broadcast receivers is that
shorts sometimes show up when tube is cold and sometimes only after several
minutes of warming up. I always test a tube for shorts immediately after
plugging it in to the tube tester, and again after it has fully warmed up.
Sometime shorts that appear when the tube is cold disappear after a few
seconds, and sometimes shorts appear after warm-up. This is especially true on
6146s. Jerry W7BUN

Steve Harridan wrote:

> At 09:22 PM 1999-06-15 -0400, David Franklin wrote:
> >All of you "old salts" are going to get a chuckle out of this, I next
> >decided to substitute the tubes.  The 6AC5 AVC Amp was the culprit!
> >Replacing it made the hum totally inaudible.  The tube tests good with
> >no shorts in my tube tester.

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