Why Repaint ???

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Wed Jun 16 16:29:29 EDT 1999

       So, I have been "Reading the Mail" for months and not been motivated to
speak, until now.  What is the "deal" with repainting and making an old (at
least 40 years) Radio look like it just came out of the factory.  Who started
that anyway?  Must have been the Collins folks, who can't stand it if they have
a scratch on an "S" line piece.  To me, it is more important to have it operate
like new than worry about a few scratches here and there.  Are we saying that
the ultimate 'Boatanchor' is one that has been completely redone to appear like
       I have a Ranger that has some scratches. I didn't put them there, but I
don't worry about it because it is 'ORIGINAL'. No one has resprayed it, etc.  It
works well and to me it has a lot of character.  I have seen equipment that is
desperate, and needs rust removal and major restoration as part of the process
to get it working, but for the average piece that is just 'USED' why repaint
       OK, I am preparing myself for the onslaught, so lay it on me.  I know "To
each his own" and "Opinions are like --------s, everybody has one".  Oh BTW,
nothing personal.
73,   Emile,   W5EMI

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