Why Repaint ???

Keith Heitzmann kk5fe at GS.VERIO.NET
Wed Jun 16 17:47:59 EDT 1999

At 03:29 PM 6/16/99 -0500, Emile Imberman wrote:

>       I have a Ranger that has some scratches. I didn't put them there,
but I
>don't worry about it because it is 'ORIGINAL'. No one has resprayed it,
etc.  It
>works well and to me it has a lot of character.

I have to say that statement sums it all up!  I have repainted cabinets
before, but only because they were in need of rust removal.

The rest have character.  I almost repainted my NC-173 because it has a lot
of scratches. Then the more I looked at it, the more I could almost see the
people before me staring at the dials trying to tune in that distant
station.  I know it sounds weird,  but I can look at them and tell that
they have been used for what they were meant for.  Each one has a little
history behind it.  Some of which I will never know.


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