Why Paint ?

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Thu Jun 17 12:02:20 EDT 1999

Since I started this, I would like to respond to all of the EMAILS regarding the
repainting of Boatanchor Radios.  First, thanks to all who have freely given
there opinions and thoughts.  The majority of responses seem to be in agreement
that repainting is not always the right thing to do.  This all started for me
when I saw the EMAIL on this list yesterday, regarding the repaint service for
the Ranger Cabinets and Front Panel at $250.  Although I myself would not be
interested, I feel that this is a pretty good deal, if you desire to have a
circa 1955 Radio with 1999 Paint.
   A friend of mine here in Dallas bought a Globe King at Belton recently. I
helped him load it into the truck and we drove it back to his house. This
classic piece was in pretty bad shape.  Rust everywhere and dried up wiring,
etc. It was probably kept in a shed for a time in it's life and suffered the
ill's of a hostile environment.  In this case, he had to redo everything to
bring it back to life. I recently both saw the unit and worked him on 40 Meters
using the Globe King and it sounds great.  So, it was repainted and looks clean
and a fine Radio is now on the air with a happy owner.
    I will continue to buy and use Radios that are not perfect cosmetically and
leave things as original as possible. I don't care whether it fetches top dollar
when I am done with it and ready to pass it on. It's just for fun anyway.
    Incidentally, this is great stuff to be able to share views with others who
have common interests. Thanks

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