Al Waschka awaschka at PALMNET.NET
Thu Jun 17 23:51:55 EDT 1999

Just another opinion:

I'm currently repainting a Collins 30S-1.  Since it was previously
repainted with  Home Depot battleship grey, I can only improve it.  I
would never repaint my 32S-3, 75S-3B or 30L-1.  Their cases are in too
good a condition.  They could be called CCA Excellent now.

My thoughts are:

1.  Don't ruin the value of a "collectible" radio by repainting it,

2.  Not every old radio is "collectible".

3.  If it is all scratched up and dented, you can't be proud to have it
on your operating desk, and you have the skill and tools to make it
better, or know someone who can, go for it!  Note that I said "if you
can't be proud to have it on your desk".  There is character and value
in evidence of use.

4.  When selling a repainted radio, say so.  I've attached the CCA
grading standard for "very good" condition.  It is the highest condition
that mentions repainting.  I would draw from that fact the conclusion
that a radio that has been repainted can NEVER be considered to be CCA
excellent or higher.  "Mint" says no parts changed except tubes.  If you
can't change a knob and be mint, surely you can't repaint and be mint.

5.  Caveat Emptor.  As President Reagan said, "Trust, but Verify".  Make
sure you know shat you are buying.  Ask questions about anything that is
important to you.

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