Tektronix 454 CRT, Manual Wanted

Al Waschka awaschka at PALMNET.NET
Tue Jun 22 18:34:14 EDT 1999

Thanks for looking.  Guess this is on-topic since it has a tube and I
use it to maintain my Collins, Heath, and Drake boatanchor radios.  If
its off topic, I'm open to suggestions as to where to take it.

I am looking for a CRT for a Tektronix 454 oscilloscope.  The part
number of the tube is 154-0742-04.  This is the number on the glass
tube, not the number on the metallic shield which completely covers the
back and neck of the tube.  The number on the metal shield may be
154-0504-00 or 154-0505-00 or?  If you have one you are willing to part
with, please e-mail me with condition and price.

I am also looking for a manual for the same oscilloscope.  If you  have
an extra original, or are willing to loan me yours to copy or copy it
for me, please state terms.  If you know of a source, let me know.
Tektronix has some folks listed on their web site.  I e-mailed the ones
with e-mail addresses and so far, no response.



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