BAMA's woes...

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Thu Jun 24 16:13:07 EDT 1999

The BoatAnchor Manual Archive has been dealt a severe blow, but I have
been assured that ultimate recovery is reasonably certain.  The attack
on the server wasn't nearly as simple as first believed and it has taken
much longer to recover than was anticipated.  I'm very sorry that I
haven't been able to answer your inquiries in a timely fashion, but I've
been on the road and wasn't even aware that BAMA was still down.

I was relieved to see the main college site back up
and running this afternoon.  Other sites...including BAMA...will be
added as the problems on the system are resolved.  BAMA was scheduled
for newer and better ftp software and that will probably be added now.
Hopefully, BAMA will emerge as a better site after the dust has
settled.  I'm very sorry that it is taking so long for that to happen.

Ken K4XL
grimm at
BoatAnchor Manual Archive - or

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