Boatanchor Test Equipment Questions

Rob Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 25 08:55:37 EDT 1999

Hi All,

I have a couple (OK it grew to four) of semi-on-topic (SOT) questions that
someone in the group may have experience enough to answer.  I am asking the
boatanchor community because I don't know who else would know these thing
and I need the equipment to repair my boatanchors.

1.  I have a Hickok 600A tube tester that is well worn but servicable.  The
only problem seems to be the roll chart.  It too is complete but well worn.
When I roll it through it's entire range it sometimes  is very very tightly
rolled (typically at the end of the roll) and other times it is very loose
to the point of jamming.  I have pulled the roll mechanism out and when it
is loose you can pull a loop of the scroll out about 6 inches.  The roll
mechanism is riveted together so I don't see that any adjustments are
possble.  Anybody have any idea how to make this roll chart work smoothly
and or whether replacements are avialable (mine is a 1965 chart so is pretty

2.  I don't have a manual for the Hickok 600A.  I will order one eventually
but for now I am curious how to know which mho scale to read.   The ranges
overlap and there is no range switch like I have on my TV-7D/U tester.

3.  Also while on the topic of a TV-7D/U does anyone know the formula to
convert the "0-120" scale on the TV-7D/U to mho's?

4.  I have an opportunity to purchase a Sprague Tel-Ohmite TO-4 or TO-5
capacitor tester.  I thought that the Tel-Ohmites were the good testers for
boatanchor work but I can't find any real information on them on the net.
Should I pick one up or is there a better piece of equipment for
checking/reforming old caps  Also is there a preference between the TO-4 and
the TO-5?

As always I appreciate the help and thank you in advance.


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