Winding high power xmit toroids

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Fri Jun 25 11:56:44 EDT 1999

I am beginning the process of winding some toroid coils that are going to be
used in a 1500 watt hf amp. The cores are T-225 and are supposedly good for
1500 watts but I figure to be safe I will use two sandwiched together.

1. Do the two toroid cores need to be insulated from each other or can I
just place them tightly next to each other and then wrap them as a package?

2. What is the best thing to use to hold them together as one piece? Some
kind of fiberglass tape? Can I buy the stuff at Home Depot?

3. I am using teflon insulated wire. Do I need to insulate the cores before
applying the wire?

Any info greatly appreciated. This is my real first attempt at using toroid
coils for 160, 80 and 40 meters instead of the regular air wound type a la'
B & W style.



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