List software upgrade today...List Admin ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Tue Mar 2 12:22:03 EST 1999

Greetings all,

Well, the money has been spent and the software is ready to install.  I
don't expect any problems....and that's probably my first mistake.

Since this is just an upgrade to what we are already using nothing should
change except the system will automatically start removing bad e-mail
addresses after so many tries or days of non-delivery  (in other words...I
get more time in the shack)

Once the new software is in place I will start working on the web search
function of the archives.  You may remember an earlier post explaining that
we will be able to do key word searches spanning any time frame, or all two
years of current data.  This will be very handy for a LOT of things...but
the ham lists should really enjoy some good research capability.

So...cross your fingers and wish me luck.  If things go bad you can bet I'll
work to fix them until they are running again.

73 all and enjoy...and's just a hobby.

Webmaster - City of Tempe

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