FS: HRO's, Johnson Invader, Modulation xfmr

Steve Wenger swenger at LISA.CSJ.NET
Sun Mar 7 10:40:32 EST 1999


I have to do some business traveling and thought I might take the
opportunity to do some spring cleaning. The following items are
pickup only either at my QTH or anywhere along the route.

National HRO-50T with coils A, B, C, & D. It works and is complete but
it has been repainted. The color is slightly lighter than the standard
gray for HRO-50, more like an NC-173, manual included - $275.

National HRO-50R1 with coils A, B, C, & D. It works very well, is
complete, and comes with a case made by National for the rack mount
model, manual included - $475.

Johnson Invader 200,  loads up to correct power on 80M only (both SSB
and AM), but not on other bands. I suspect it is an alignment problem
(procedure more complex than straight AM rig), I just have not had time
to go through it, manual included - $200.

Thordarson CHT series (deluxe model) T11M78. This is a 500 watt
multi-match modulation transformer, includes original documentation -

Chicago Standard 120 henry modulation reactor, weight approx. 70 lbs. -

Travel route:

Friday, March 19, Jacksonville, Il. to Rockford, Il. (I39); then to
La Crosse, Wi. (I90).
Saturday, March 20, LaCrosse to Minneapolis / St. Paul through Eau
Claire, Wi.(I94).
Sunday, March 21, back to Jacksonville, Il.

Friday, March 26, Jacksonville to Kansas City through Mexico, Mo.(I54 &
Sunday, back to Jacksonville, Il.

Steve KA9QLF
(217) 243-3920

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