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Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Mar 15 12:03:44 EST 1999

For Sale:
(Add shipping costs to all prices unless stated)

ARRL Handbooks:
1955, 1958, 1965(SOLD), 1969(SOLD), 1973, 1975, 1978, 1981 at $10.00 each
All in good to excellent shape, plus one re-bound 1955.

Antique "IRS" transmitter!
Small HF 4-tube Transmitter with 6146 final and Internal Revenue 5735 kHz
crystal, with four small Thordarson transformers, apparently using Screen
modulation. No cover, but chassis intact and looks to be in good shape. 3
tubes missing. Plug-in coil final and has antenna relay, typical RFCs etc.
No manual, untested Will sell for only $25.00

Lafayette 99-2503 Grid Dip Meter - brand new in box and unused!
All original. Great little GDO, with all coils, case etc. $40.00

Lafayette 99-5020 Capacitance Substitution box - like new $10.00

Lafayette 99-5021 Resistance Substitution box - like new $10.00

DRAKE TV-1000-LP Low Pass Filter 30 MHz 1000 Watts $24.00

B&W T-R Switch, 110V AC using 6AU6 tube and SO-239 connectors. Will sell
for $40.00 <SOLD??)

2 posn. antenna switch with SO-239 connectors $15.00 (SOLD?)

Plate variable transmitting capacitors:
50 pF 800V Hammarlund 1.5" deep, 1/4" shaft, clean used $5.00
140 pF 1000V  1.5" deep 1/4" shaft New, unused $8.00
200 pF 1000V  3" deep 1/4" shaft clean used $6.00 (SOLD?)
250 pF 1000V  2" deep 1/4" shaft clean used $7.00 (SOLD?)
400 pF 800V Brass plate variable KS-8221, 3" deep used clean $5.00

250 pF 2500 V transmitting capacitor 154-9 by E.F. Johnson
1/4" shaft measures 2" X 2" X 6" Brand New $20.00

Loading Capacitor - 5 Section, each 400 pF for a total of 2000 pF.
Great for transmitter or linear amplifier. 3" X 2.5" X 6.0" deep.
3/8 diameter shaft. Brand new and unused. $18.00

Loading Capacitor - 2 section, each 500 pF. With 3/8 in. diameter
shaft $5.00

Wall transformer, 120V AC to 14 V DC 500 mA - $6.00

Heavy-duty footswitch - brand new with AC cables m/f $15.00

Brand new SHURE 514B Mobile Mic in Box - sharp-looking. $15.00

MFJ-564 Precision Iambic Key Paddle in excellent condition. Chrome
finish with clear red paddles. $45.00 (SOLD??)

Astatic D-104 microphone wired for Valiant. Clean and works well.
Better than average appearance. Will sell for $35.00

EICO 753 transceiver for 80, 40 and 20m SSB, AM, CW. Excellent appearance.
Includes EICO 752 AC power supply for 120 V AC operation, all opriginal
manuals etc. Needs two 7199 tubes available for $9.00 each and a small
replacement speaker for the power supply to get it on the air. $150.00

Yaesu FT-840 HF transceiver. Includes original manual and microphone, DC
cable etc. VLF through 30 MHz with 100 Memories. SSB, AM, CW, RTTY etc.
100 Watts output. Has two additional filters worth $120 each, for wide AM
and narrow CW. The 6kHz AM filter is essential for listening to Shortwave
broadcasts, hams on AM etc. All band tranmsmit enabled. In mint condition,
very low mileage (!) This is one excellent radio for the money. I love it
but apartment life forces sale. Will sell for $600.00 (SOLD??)

Kenwood TM-261A VHF FM transceiver for 2m. 50 Watts output. With manual
and microphone. (The mic needs a new PTT switch available from Kenwood for
$1.75) otherwise in perfect shape. $175.00

Stancor ST-202A transmitter - a classic rig for 10m AM mobile operation.
Original case and in very good condition. Includes repro manual and
appears to be a very, rare item normally only seen in the old magazines
and handbooks. Will sell for $50.00 (SOLD??)

Tube tester I-177B in excellent shape. Case was painted red and needs to
be re-done, but front panel and interior in good operating shape. With
manual. Will sell for $70.00 (SOLD??)

National TMK-50 Variable capacitor New In Box $15.00

Modulation Transformer UTC Model S21 unused, classic.    $50.00

Collins 20 Watt Modulation Transformer, unused classic.  $40.00

Thordarson transformer - THORDARSON D161916
power transformer 120 V AC primary potted, square - has two secondaries:
Sec 1: 5.78 H, C.T. 48 ohms - gives 700V c.t. at 250 mA (24 + 24  ohms DC)
Sec 2:  23.6 H, 605 ohms - gives 1580V at 20 mA (605 ohms DC)
Approximately 4.5" X 4.5" x 4" Good for about a 180-200 Watt plate supply.
Will sell for $20.00

UTC choke Model PA104    $15.00
This Inductor is a 18 Henry job with a tap at 14.4 Henries.
99 ohms series resistance It's large - like 5" X 5" x 4"
Good for a choke input filter on a nice sized 200 Watt plate supply.
Will sell for $20.00

Fujitsu Color Printer Model DX-2300, Low miles(!)
This is a dot matrix prinbter, but made very well, and in excellent
condition. Uses tractor feed or single sheet plain paper.
With manual - only $25.00


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC16 Good cond. $10.00

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC16 Good cond. $10.00

Howard Sams Tube Substitution Book 11th Edition Exc. cond. $6.00

RCA Transmitting Tube Manual (Missing covers) 192 Pages
Fairly good cond.  $10.00

RCA Solid State Hobby Circuits HM-92 (397 Pages) Exc. cond. $8.00

1981 ARRL Handbook Exc. condition    ONLY $10.00

Television For Radiomen, by Ed Noll. 340 pages, illustrated
1962. Front cover torn a little but otherwise very good $3.00

TV SICK? Service your own TV, by Belmont TV Co.
33 pages, plus sale flyer, 1975 MINT $2.00

College text, 201 pages, excellent condition  $3.00

All four books for $13.00

Manuals etc:
Heath HR-10B receiver Specification/Schematic booklet SOLD
RCA Oscilloscope Type No. 155C Manual plus sales sheets SOLD
EICO Model 666 Tube tester Manual $7

Hallicrafters Manuals:
HT-46      $8.00 each   (repro)

COMING SOON!! Lot of Exciting "Boatanchor Radio" PARTS!!

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