FS: Mackay Receivers...NEW!

Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Mon Mar 15 21:06:32 EST 1999

At 01:15 AM 3/16/99 +0000, Sandy W5TVW wrote:
>        This goes under the category of Solid state "boat anchors" so hope
>we are no off topic here!

Sandy, (and anyone else of like "interest"):

Our esteemed list owner, Dave, AI7R, hath resurrected the old Vintage Solid
State list (which original died sometime last year). The new VSS list is
one of the Tempe lists so you would subscribe to it just as you did to the
Boatanchors list. To date, there has been very little activity on the VSS
list, most likely because few realize that it exists.

Here is part of Dave's original announcement:

"...+++VSS (Vintage Solid State) is over 20 years old and has 3 or less tubes.

This is mostly to help keep the BA list clean and provide an outlet for the
rest of the gear.  I think it's all covered here now....so, as usual, enjoy."

To subscribe, merely use the list name VSS instead of BOATANCHORS.

>To subscribe: listserv at listserv.tempe.gov
>and in body: subscribe VSS yourfirstname yourlastname
>To unsubscribe:  listserv at listserv.tempe.gov
>and in body: signoff VSS
>Archives for VSS: http://www.tempe.gov/archives

73, Steve K0XP

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To subscribe: listserv at listserv.tempe.gov
and in body: subscribe BOATANCHORS yourfirstname yourlastname
To unsubscribe:  listserv at listserv.tempe.gov
and in body: signoff BOATANCHORS
Archives for BOATANCHORS: http://www.tempe.gov/archives
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