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Tue Mar 16 15:14:44 EST 1999

Hello Everyone,

I recently sent a query to Caig Laboratories, the manufacturer of DeoxIT
regarding the choice of the best product for maintaining contacts and
potentiometer wipers. The reply I received was informative and I've
forwarded it here. Admittedly it is long but I feel that many will find it
helpful. My apologies to those who may not agree (there always are some, you
know). Caig Laboratories has a web site at

Denis Sharon  W1AOK


>To:  Denis Sharon  W1AOK
>Below is a general guideline for maintaining maximum
>performance of contacts/connectors that conduct electricity.
>Three products, ProGold, DeoxIT and CaiLube MCL, are
>indispensible in keeping all your connectors and faders clean
>and working at peak performance.
>ProGold should be used on critical plated surfaces, when
>oxidation/corrosion is not severe.  If oxidation is visible,
>pretreat with DeoxIT first, then, as a final step, apply the
>ProGold.  ProGold will seal out oxygen from contacting the
>metal surfaces.  ProGold was specifically formulated for use
>on gold, silver, copper, nickel and other precious metals.
>It contains an anti-tarnishing compound to protect metals
>that are prone to tarnishing.  ProGold also stabilizes
>connections between similar and dissimilar metals.  ProGold
>deoxidizes surface contamination, penetrates plated
>surfaces and molecularly bonds to the base metals - NO OTHER
>PRODUCT DOES THIS.  ProGold provides long-lasting protection.
>DeoxIT is formulated as a surface cleaner and preservative.
>It is ideal for dissolving oxidation on metal surfaces.  For
>comparison, ProGold has 0.5% deoxidizing ability and DeoxIT
>has 20%.  Both will lubricate and protect the surfaces from
>future oxidation.  ProGold has the added benefit of
>penetrating plated surfaces and providing longer-lasting
>protection.  As a general rule, use ProGold for maximum
>performance and protection on critical and/or plated surfaces
>and DeoxIT for a general purpose treatment.  ProGold can be
>applied after the surface has been cleaned with DeoxIT.
>Both ProGold and DeoxIT are available in a 5% formulation
>(contains petroleum naphtha as the carrier solvent), and
>a 100% formulation.  The 5% formulations should be used as
>a general purpose treatment for connectors and contacts.
>They are safe on plastics.  The 100% formulations provide
>maximum concentration if needed for lubricating moving parts
>or if solvents are not desired.
>CaiLube MCL was specifically formulated to lubricate
>conductive plastic and CARBON COMPOUND FADERS, switches and
>other similar components.  Two formulas are offered:
>100% "L" solution for lubrication only, and 5% "H" solution
>which includes a solvent (petroleum naphtha) for helping
>flush away dirt, dust and contaminants prior to leaving a
>protective film of CaiLube MCL.  CaiLube MCL is not a
>deoxidizer.  Use ProGold or DeoxIT for this function.
>A thin layer of MCL is all that is necessary.  It was
>formulated this way for best performance and economy.
>When applied this way, it will actually repel dust and dirt.
>Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further
>Christy Young
>Customer Service

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