NC-183D manual now online

Doug Hall kf4kl at IPASS.NET
Sat Mar 20 03:28:06 EST 1999

Hi Folks,
Tonight I finished scanning the manual for the National NC-183D I
picked up last week. I've converted the scanned images to a couple of
Adobe Acrobat files, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view
and/or print the manual. You can download the manual files at

There are two files - each corresponds to half of the manual. Total
file size is just just over 3.5 megabytes, so you can enjoy a cup of
coffee or other beverage of your choice while they download. Feel free
to make these files available to others. If you have a web page and
want to put them there, that's fine.

Several folks have asked how I created the Adobe PDF files. I scanned
each page of the manual into a separate file at 300 dpi, black and
white. Uncompressed, each pages takes a little over a megabyte. The
whole manual is around 44 megabytes in the original scanned format. I
then merged and converted the scanned images into Adobe format using a
conversion program from the ImageMagick toolkit which runs under
Linux. It took about 2 hours to scan the manual and clean it up a bit,
and another 15 minutes for the file conversions.

Hope the manual files are useful to you. 73 and see you on the air.

Doug Hall, KF4KL

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