Big Bucks for Big Toys!

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Sat Mar 20 07:52:35 EST 1999

Hey guys!

Lotta talk on R-390 and Boatanchors about big prices for this stuff but:

Aren't they worth it?????

Guys pay Chuck Rippel or a couple others big bucks to restore them and wait
in  line.  The are happy with the results!  People buy cabinets for
$300.00!  I wish I could!  Why?

Knowing now what you do about your favorite radio - if you had to replace
it tomorrow - would you pay the big bucks?

Sure you would.  Because you like it!  And you know it's a privilege to
take care of them for future generations - cause that's all we're doing.
These radios are lucky and so are we!

Why do we get bent out of shape because people from other countries love
and appreciate our legacy technology?  I think that this intense interest
from such a high-tech place like Japan and Singapore on our early products
is a high compliment to those guys and gals who designed and built them,
most of who were probably hams too.

Think how lucky you are if you got it cheap!  If you paid a lot think about
how fortunate you are to have it.  Examples of most of this stuff is now in
museums. Take care of it and it will reward you.  Make sure it goes to
someone who will treat it as you do when you no longer need it.

See some of you at the shows this spring!!!!  "Radio Ramadan is coming!!!

Think about it -

Back into the read mode........


Michael Crestohl, W1RC
mc at

R-390 Listowner Emeritus

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