Jacob Worthington jworth at SCN.ORG
Wed Mar 24 21:15:37 EST 1999

Fellow BOATANCHOR fans --

First of all, to preempt any comments about the WB4VVF ACCU-KEYER not being
a boatanchor, and this being an off-topic post, let me say this in my defense.
The TTL circuitry found in this "classic" of ham radio is truly antique
when compared to the keyers that are available today, the lack of electron
tubes notwithstanding.  Let me also say that my ACCU-KEYER has keyed many a
pleasurable DX contact through my Drake C-line.  I would think that alone
would justify it's inclusion as an "honorary" boatanchor!  :-)  In fact in
it's black metal case, gray front panel, and Drake-style control knobs, it
looks as if it could have been made in Miamisburg!

With all that said, here is my question:

Do any of you ACCU-KEYER owners know of a modification that adds WEIGHT
control?  I built mine from the article in the 1977 Handbook, and that
article was based on the original which appeared in the August 1973 issue
of QST.  To the best of my knowledge, I have all of the subsequent QST
articles that deal with the ACCU-KEYER, but not one of them mentions the
WEIGHT control.   I've heard rumors, both on the air and at hamfests, that
there is indeed a modification available that adds the WEIGHT control.

Anybody out there got some input on this?


Jacob Worthington


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