Need Hammarlund HQ-180 Parts/Information

Robert M. Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri May 7 22:47:53 EDT 1999

Hi All,

I am working on a HQ-180X project radio that was less functional than represented by the seller.  One of the missing items are the covers for the main and bandspread variable capacitors.  If anybody has these covers from a parts radio I would be interested in buying them.  I would guess that these are the same covers as used in an HQ-170.  I am also looking for one of the square nuts, the nut-holder that goes in the square hole on the back of the chassis, and the screw all of which together secure the cabinet.

The top of the chassis of this radio was painted with silver paint if you can believe it!  This included the tops of the transformer cans, tube shields and potentiometers, etc.  I guess this was done to cover up corrosion that has obviously been cleaned up with a wire brush of some sort.  The covers for the variable capacitors must have been in place then because they were thankfully spared.   The good news is that the radio sort of functions in some of the bands and the bottom of the chassis is pristine so I have some hope of getting it up and running.

The radio has an International Rectifier Corp ST-14 solid state replacement for the rectifier tube.  Anybody know of any problems using these vice the specified tube?

Finally, I know that R&R Designs carries the paint for the case but does anyone know as source that reproduces the sticker on the back that shows the tube layout and who offers a service to refinish the front panel? 


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