RCA HF Command Set Radio- Time Frame

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sat May 8 01:51:28 EDT 1999

At 09:25 AM 5/7/99 -0500, David Stinson wrote:

>The AVT-23 is a 4-channel aircraft HF command radio.
>With an 815 in the output, it hasn't the power
>to have been a liason radio.  It would have been
>a peer to the ATA, ATB, ARC-5 and ARC-2 Navy HF command radios.

--now, i don't know about this, but are you sure there is a
definite division between the command and liaison groups?
for example, the ATB was the "command set", i.e. pilot's
voice radio, in *some* PBY at *some moments in time*, while
at the same moments in time, it was the *only* radio on the
Kingfisher scout observation plane, hence "liaison radio",
and operated by the radio op - rear seat gunner. ( "radio
gunner" ) oh, and i should say, *some* Kingfishers at
*some moments in time*, as i see by a photo that another of
the same plane seems to show RUGF control boxes.
hue ka7lxy

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