Collins FRT-5/KY-45

J. Douglas Hensley nfmk at JUNO.COM
Sat May 8 23:59:28 EDT 1999

Subject: Collins FRT-5/KY-45

Good evening to the list,

I am starting with a nice FSK exciter which was part of what was
called the AN/FRT-5.

So, I'm looking for information on what the complete AN/FRT-5 was.
Does anyone know whether the exciter was fsk only or whether there
was a voice or cw option?  I understand it was a beefy unit.  Are
we talking about watts or kilowatts?  According to the mil-list on the
web, this was a 60cy, 220 volt unit.

Open to buying an original manual or any documents that anyone
might  have related to this unit as well as the keyer power supply
and any other FRT5 modules or components you might have for sale.

Please advise what you have from this unit and what your requirements
are.  I am zip 70806 and  willing to travel to pick up if the module or
you have is within driving distance of New Orleans.

73,  Doug

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