Phase-Locking a Boatanchor Oscillator?

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Sat May 8 15:34:02 EDT 1999

Dave, this is something I would definitely be interested in too.  Fred
Finster has posted some websites for places that make PLL VFO's and
such.  Would that be any help?  Please keep me posted as to what you
find out.  I'd like to be able to stabilize a HG-10B good enough to use
on 15 without "pulling".

Thanks es 73
Tom n0jmy

Fred's sites:
$35 Frequency Counter Kit from Blue Sky Engineering
Norcal WEB SITE  QRP  Suppliers LIST
Radio Adventures Cycle Master VFO
Qrp Plus VFO
S & S Engineering VFO
WhiteRook Products   Ham Radio Links

Thanks es 73
Tom n0jmy
David Stinson wrote:

> Why not phase-lock the oscillator with a satellite chassis?
> You could run shielded, decoupled leads inside to a "tacked-in"
> board that would provide coupling to some varactors, which are
> controlled by the rest of the loop that's on the
> outboard shielded chassis.

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