FS:James Millen Type 92200 Transmatch

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Thu Nov 11 11:39:30 EST 1999

Hi Gang:

This is a very well built antenna tuner which is a commercial version of
Lew McCoy's W1ICP's famous "Transmatch" for unbalanced transmittion lines,
ie: coaxial cable.  Made by James Millen Company in Malden
Massachusetts.  It covers 80 - 10 Meters and will handle the full legal
power limits.  Also includes a metering circuit that measures forward and
reflected antenna current to determine SWR.  The unit is in very clean
condition.  However there are some scratches on the top cover as the
previous owner obviously had other station items on top of this Transmatch.

This was a real top-of-the-line antenna tuner and was part of many a
Collins S-line or KWM-2 station inasmuch as Collins didn't make an antenna
tuner for amateur use.

Price is $250.00 plus shipping.

If interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl
mc at sover.net

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