FS: Variacs

talen talen at INETPORT.COM
Sat Nov 13 13:21:26 EST 1999

I have some Variacs left which can be used to slowly bring
up old boatanchors (helps reform the electrolytics, etc) and other
purposes (I use one on my car battery charger as well as for my
boatanchors). All come with a knob, a few have dial plates, and all
have been tested. Data shown comes off that Variac's spec plate.

All prices are plus shipping.

0-120VAC 50/60Hz Input                           Output               Price
------------------------------------                     ------------------
Qty 1 POWERSTAT  Type S4035          0-120 VAC   3A       $25
Qty 1 VOLT PACK                                0-132 VAC  2.5A     $25
Qty 1 POWERSTAT  Type 10B             0-132 VAC   2.25A   $25
Qty 1 POWERSTAT  Type 10B             0-132 VAC   1.75A   $25
Qty 1 OHMITRAN                                 0-120 VAC   1.75A   $20
Qty 1 ADJUST-A-VOLT 100BU              0-132 VAC   1.25A   $20

0-240VAC 50/60Hz Input

Qty 1 POWERSTAT  Type 12                0-240 VAC   .7A      $20

73s  Kees K5BCQ

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