Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Sat Nov 13 15:20:25 EST 1999

Hi Fellow AM'ers
The long waited for silkscreen is finially arrived & I am busy painting
every Valiant in the shop (also the elect OH & mods). Seems I will be able
to do a "swap out" shortly.  That is I will be able to trade my restored set
(cab, panel, Bezel & cryst. knob) for your Valiant set. I have a couple
extras that I can work from. The cost will be the same as doing yours except
should be faster. Price; $285. + shipping. If your cab has any serious
damage or holes, these are extra because of the time & materials involved.
Each damage job is est individually.-- The Valiants are looking great!-- If
you have questions, get back to me via e-mail. Check out the pics of the
Rangers I have done @
Dee, W4PNT
PS: I will take Rangers on trade toward either a Ranger or Valiant refinish.
But the Valiants have to be local PU & delivery because they dont ship well
UNLESS you remove & pack the transformers seperatly.

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