Fw: Re: What is difference btwn Drake 2B & 2A?

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Sun Nov 14 09:35:44 EST 1999

A converter was available from Drake for 160.  I seem to remember that it
plugged into the calibrator socket.


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Subject: Re: What is difference btwn Drake 2B & 2A?

> Lane:
> Main difference is the 2B has passband tuning which is one of the key
> features of the 2B.  I bought one in the late 1960s and it still performs
> very respectably on CW and SSB.  The AM bandpass is too narrow for my
> tastes and it doesn't cover 160.
> 73.
> Michael
> W1RC
> At 10:42 PM 11/13/1999 -0800, you wrote:
> >I have traded my SBE 1A amp for a Drake 2A rcvr. Does anyone know what
> >differences are between the Drake 2B and the 2A?
> >
> >Lane
> >Ku7i
> >San Diego

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