Johnson Receiver and National Transmitter

Grant Youngman nq5t at GTE.NET
Sun Nov 14 10:25:48 EST 1999

> ham/antique radio), I seem to notice a gradual slowing of the frenzy and
> resultant inflation surrounding old gear.

Will ...

Then you simply haven't been looking at the Collins market on e-
youknowwhat.  I think a lot of those fellows have lost it completely.

The insults to judgement and common sense continue, as the frenzy
reaches to prove that a large stash of Collins gear is more valuable than
a block of stock options in a dotcom company going IPO.

Some Collins "collectors" ("accumulators" seems to be more apt)  seem
bent to prove that you really can substitute large amounts of money for
brains .... And there's no question that many buyers have a lot of the
former and not much of the latter :-)

Of course, maybe those buyers are just crafty -- and know that in a
couple of internet minutes they'll be able to sell that $800 Collins speaker
they just bought for twice or three times that to some even newer
newbie.  And so it goes ... and so go any high notions of "collecting"
and "preserving" ....


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