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Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sun Nov 14 10:30:16 EST 1999

Upon the date 09:17 AM 11/14/99 -0500, Matt Stutterheim said something like:
>Before you guys criticise low E-Bay starting prices and high reserves, read
>the pricing policy. There is apparently an economic incentive forthe seller
>to start with a low opening price, not to mention that it looks good for EBay
>to have all these potential bargains out there.

Yeah that may be often the case because it seems to work Matt, but the
point of the original message was that the starting price was so doggone
_high_  compared to the actual worth of the gear -even though it seems to
be in very good condx. Also, the person got the terms receiver and
transmitter swapped around as if he didn't really understand what the gear
was ("National Code Radio Transmitter"??) :-)

My original reaction was: "Good Heavens! This _must_ be some sort of joke."

Upon the date 10:54 PM 11/13/99 +0000, Dave said something like:
>Here guys and gals, have a good laugh even though it's not April Fools!

The eBay seller is also from around Jamestown and I'm going to do some
detective work and see who it may be. I'll report back in a few days if I
find out anything interesting. This is a small backwater region and I have
a suspicion or two.

Regards,  Chris
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