EBay sales

Will White will.white at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Nov 15 05:01:52 EST 1999

My original reaction to the combination of high start price, hype, and
mixed up designations was that the seller was trying to pull a fast one,
even though I could clearly see what he had and its condition (foolishly
I would say: how successful is an attempt to dupe collectors, esp.
collectors of technical things, with Star Trek-esque pitch-manship
["Cap'n, I am feedin' back the failsafe loop of the impulse engines into
the dilithium crystal matrix, I dunno how much more she can take!"]


Christian Fandt wrote:

> Yeah that may be often the case because it seems to work Matt, but the
> point of the original message was that the starting price was so doggone
> _high_  compared to the actual worth of the gear -even though it seems to
> be in very good condx. Also, the person got the terms receiver and
> transmitter swapped around as if he didn't really understand what the gear
> was ("National Code Radio Transmitter"??) :-)
> My original reaction was: "Good Heavens! This _must_ be some sort of joke."

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