EBay sales

Will White will.white at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Nov 15 04:55:45 EST 1999

I agree. For the items listed below, lots of good deals, even some real
bargains, can be found everyday on eBay. I have acquired many texts this
way (several 1950-1965 ARRL HBs, and several RCA and GE tube manuals,

For the "sexier" stuff, i.e. whole receivers, transceivers,
transmitters, and choice accessories, it gets harder and requires more
patience to find things at a price I am willing to pay.

I am frugal, but not cheap. I'll pay $500 for a clean R4-C w/filters and
NB, or a nice HRO, but I won't even look at the same for $800 [or more],
though thankfully, such hysterical closing prices are becoming less
common; remember the >$4000 SX-88 a few months ago? Maybe we won't get a
chance again, very soon, to see if eBay-trading has moderated on such
*actual* rarities as that model, but $700 SX-28s seem to be a thing of
the past, and rightly so, as after all at least 30K units were sold in
the U.S. In all things [internet], good sense seems in the end to
prevail. . .(let me relate some time the *joy* I felt as a college
teacher of Freshman English when students finally began to approach the
internet skeptically, instead of as an infallible and effortless source
of material for papers)


Chris Trask wrote:
>         Myself, I've been making out very well with eBay, picking up
> books, magazines, journals, test equipment, and various odds and ends for
> both my library and my lab here.  It's a very valuable asset, just like
> the book searches and the newsgroups.

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