Johnson Receiver and National Transmitter

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Nov 15 09:13:55 EST 1999

Will, what is also amusing is the way that AUDIOPHILES are wooed with
similar B.S. ads for gold-plated speaker wires that supposedly improve the
sound of stereos!

Take a look at the amusing collection of quotes from THAT field at:

A humorous look at the world of the AUDIOPHILES!
These are the people who can HEAR and even SMELL the
difference between 4 gauge and 8 gauge speaker wires!

Someone should make a similar web page for HAM ADS that use a lot of
B.S. like you describe!

On 15 Nov 99, at 3:35, Will White wrote:

> But that has been going on a while, with or without the internet. What
> bothers me isn't even high eBay bids. What bothers me is seeing models
> of just average rarity or desireablilty touted like they are the Ark of
> the Covenant by sellers who are full-of-it and babble nonsense about
> features and performance, making heavy use of terms like "mint" and
> "rare." They know nothing about what they are selling, but are just
> trying to turn an inflated buck from someone they ought to know has the
> advantage of knowing infinitely more about the merchandise. Dumb, and
> doomed to failure, I think. Maybe I am working myself up over nothing.
> It astonishes me when I see, for one choice example, a receiver like an
> SX-71 described as a "secret spy radio, used by the Allies" and "the
> finest receiver of its day." Actual quotes from an eBay ad, folks.

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