Looking for black wrinkle paint

Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Tue Nov 16 10:26:51 EST 1999

Antique Electronics Supply sell Black Wrinkle and I've seen here that your
local Harley Davidson dealer also carries it.


Don N9OO

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 06:58:35 -0800, Paul Litwinovich wrote:

>I am restoring a National HRO M series receiver. The radio is in great shape
>and was ordered with all the options which were available at the time. This
>is the rack mounted version. The section which contained the power supply,
>speaker and storage drawers for the coils was stored in a shed and almost
>all of the wrinkle finish paint has flaked off. Is there a source for paint
>which I can apply myself to create the original effect, or a shop where I
>can send the panel to have it repainted in wrinkle finish?
>I am also looking for the 2 broadcast band coils which are the only coils
>still needed to make the rig complete.
>Thanks in advance
>Paul Litwinovich

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