B.A. Rigs---"ANCHORS AWAY"...

Edward Swynar VE3 CUI gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Tue Nov 16 20:08:32 EST 1999

Dear Fellow Fans of the Antique Art...

At the risk of "...stealing thunder" away from anyone, I would like to
remind all who may be reading this that the Antique Wireless Association
"BRUCE KELLEY MEMORIAL 1929 QSO PARTY" is fast approaching!

The point was driven home to me to-day when I opened up my mailbox &
retrieved a sample log sheet & the rules of the affair from John Rollins...

For benefit of non-AWA members, here are the rules for this year's event:


DATE & TIMES: December 4 - 5 and December 11 - 12. Start at 2300Z (6:00 PM
EST) and finish at 2300Z (6:00 PM EST) both periods.

OBJECTIVE: Contact as many AWA members as possible. On contact exchange
RST, name, QTH (State), type of transmitter, year and power. NOTE the
addition of your QTH (State) new this year.

RULES: Transmitters must be 1929 or earlier types of *SELF OSCILLATORS*
[emphasis mine], such as the Hartley, TNT, PP tuned grid tuned plate, etc.,
or MOPAs. Participants are encouraged, but not required to use straight

POWER: Transmitters are limited to a power *INPUT* [emphasis mine] of 10
watts or less. However, between the hours of 0500Z (12 M EST) and 1300Z (8
AM EST) power may be increased to 20 watts to help make E-W contacts.

FREQUENCIES: Operation for this '29 QSO Party will be between 3550 KC and
3580 KC.

Send all logs for the 1929 QSO Party to:

HC 33 Box 150,


The timing is such that an s.a.s.e. sent to John requesting a sample log
sheet could result in you having an "official" document on hand before the
start of activities! Good luck---I sure hope to work a lot of you fellows
again this year, and give ol' Bob Raide (W2ZM) a good run for his money
here from "...The Great White North" Hi Hi...!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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