Found replacement fans for the FL-2100

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Nov 20 02:11:14 EST 1999

I gave up the pursuit of trying to find the replacement fans for the Yaesu
FL-2100. I ended up going with 12vdc operated muffin fans. They are  a
perfect fit. I tried larger diameter fans but the blades were being
partially occluded and the air flow was not that great. With these smaller
size units the entire blade surface is within the inside diameter of the
original holes and therefore air flow is not impeded.

I used the 18 volt dc control voltage on the amp (used for the T/R relay,
etc.) I was concerned that the fans may burn out too fast if I ran them in
parallel on the 18vdc so i wired them in series so each sees ~9vdc and they
work great. Still lots of air flow and with the lower voltage reduces the

I bought these at Murphy's Surplus in San Diego but these are a common item
carried by lots of suppliers. Murphy wanted $4.00 per fan.

Okay, just measured the dimensions:

overall body is 2 3/8 square and 1" deep. The fan blade diameter is 2 1/4.
These were made in Thailand by NMB. Only mod to the amp was to drill four
holes, two per fan.

Harbach offers a complete fan replacement assembly for about $28.50 or so ) but these are meant for the SB-200. Same style
as the original record player motor style but for $8.00 for these two muffin
fans it is hard to beat.

San Diego

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